1995     MARYLAND INSTITUTE COLLEGE OF ART, Masters of Fine Arts, Hoffberger School of Painting
1984     RHODE ISLAND SCHOOL OF DESIGN, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Painting


2013     THE PHILLIPS COLLECTION*, Intersections: “currently untitled”, Vesela Sretenovic curator, Washington, DC
2011     THE ART MUSEUM OF THE AMERICAS, “Corridor", Co-organizer and Participating Artist, Washington, DC
2010     THE TRAWICK PRIZE GALLERY, “The Trawick Prize: Bethesda Contemporary Arts Award”, Finalist. Harry Cooper, Robert Haywood & Emily Smith curators, Bethesda, MD
2009     CONTEMPORARY MUSEUM, FAX, co-organized by The Drawing Center & iCI in New York (traveling exhibition), Baltimore, MD
            MARYLAND ART PLACE, “The 23rd Annual Critic’s Residency Exhibition”, Vincent Katz curator, Baltimore, MD
2008     HEINEMAN MYERS CONTEMPORARY ART, “The Trawick Prize: Bethesda Contemporary Arts Award”, Prize Winner. Molly Donovan, Irene Hofmann & Leah Stoddard curators, Bethesda, MD
            CONTEMPORARY MUSEUM, "Double-Take: The Poetics of Illusion and Light", Irene Hofmann curator, Baltimore, MD
2007     THE LAB @ BELMAR, “Better”, Adam Lerner curator, Lakewood, CO
2006     RIDDERHOF MARTIN GALLERY, “Mid-Atlantic New Painting 2006”, Jonathan Binstock PhD curator, University of Mary Washington, Fredericksburg, VA
2005     CULTURAL ARTS CENTER AT GLEN ALLEN, “Thick and Thin”, Elizabeth Schlatter & Gwen Van Ostern curators, Richmond, VA
            CREATIVE PARTNERS GALLERY, “The Trawick Prize: Bethesda Contemporary Arts Award”, Finalist: Thom Collins PhD, Andrea Pollan & Olga Viso curators, Bethesda, MD
2004     CREATIVE PARTNERS GALLERY, “The Trawick Prize: Bethesda Contemporary Arts Award”, Finalist: Jeffrey Allison, Peter Dubeau & Kristen Hileman curators, Bethesda, MD
2003     CONTEMPORARY MUSEUM, “10 Page Book Show”, Gary Kachadorian curator, Baltimore, MD
2002     GRIMALDIS GALLERY*, “Stereo”, Baltimore, MD
            SCHOOL 33, “The Pencil of Nature”, Virginia Adams, PhD curator, Baltimore, MD
            ALDRICH MUSEUM OF ART, “Snapshot”, Ridgefield, CT
2000     CONTEMPORARY MUSEUM, “Snapshot”, Baltimore, MD
            FEIGEN CONTEMPORARY, “Maximal Minimal”, New York, NY
            McLEAN PROJECT FOR THE ARTS, “Strictly Painting III”, Andrea Pollan curator, Mclean, VA
1999     GRIMALDIS GALLERY*, “Video”, Baltimore, MD
            CORCORAN MUSEUM OF ART, “Fast Forward”, Washington, DC
            THE GALLERY, “The Untroubled Mind”, Peter Bruun curator, Villa Julie College, Stevenson, MD
            MARYLAND ART PLACE, “The 13th Annual Critic’s Residency Exhibition”, Barbara Rose, Ingrid Shafner curators, Baltimore, MD
1998     MUSCARELLE MUSEUM OF ART, “American Drawing Biennial 6”, Ann Philbin curator, College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA  
1997     GRIMALDIS GALLERY*, “New Works”, Baltimore, MD
            KOUROS GALLERY, “The Summer Show”, New York, NY
1996     GALLERY OLYM*, “The Birth of Structure/The Mylar Series”, Tokyo, Japan

1995     DECKER GALLERY, “The Order Of Chaos, Augen Music III”, Maryland Institute College Of Art, Baltimore, MD
1994     HOWARD COUNTY CENTER FOR THE ARTS, “Bauhaus Emerging Artists Muti-Media Survey”, Ellicott City, MD
1992     BRISTOL ART MUSEUM, “Freedom Of Expression”, Bristol, RI
1991     WARWICK ART MUSEUM, “Abstract Art”, Warwick, RI
1990     OSUNA GALLERY, “Spring Show”, Washington, DC
1988     SALON DES ARTISTES, “Summer Art Show”, New York, NY
            SALON DES ARTISTES, “Post-Modern Abstract Directions”, New York, NY
            LENORE GRAY GALLERY*, “Pictures In An Exhibition”, Providence, RI
            WHEELER GALLERY, “Show”, 1988, 1987, 1985, Providence, RI
1986     WOODS GERRY GALLERY, “Design For The New Frontier”, Providence, RI
1985     SILVERMINE GUILD CENTER FOR THE ARTS, “36th Annual New England Exhibition”, New Canaan, CT
            GALLERY ONE*, “Meta”, Providence, RI


MARYLAND ART PLACE, The 23rd Annual Critic’s Residency Program, Vincent Katz critic, Baltimore, MD, 2008-9
THE COOPER UNION SCHOOL OF ART, Summer Residency Program, New York, NY, 2005
THE ELIZABETH FOUNDATION FOR THE ARTS, EFA Studio Center Program, New York, NY, 2001-5
MARYLAND ARTS PLACE, The 13th Annual Critics' Residency Program, Barbara Rose, Ingrid Shafner critics, Baltimore, Maryland, 1998-9


University of Maryland, Adjunct Professor of Painting and Drawing, College Park, MD, 2005
Maryland Institute College of Art/ Hoffberger School of Painting, Teaching Assistant for Grace Hartigan, Baltimore, Maryland, 1994-5


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