On Painting, Photography and Video.

Photography has evolved as an important area of critical discussion in the way it has served as a conceptual and often controversial source for painting. It is this relationship of the photograph to the painting that has been a primary basis for my recent work.

Through my explorations of painting and photography, both individually and together, I have developed several series of works looking at light, perception of time, memory and interior space. The result has been work that questions the nature of reality through the direct comparison of painting and photography through the media itself. Subsequent investigation revealed new connections with early photography; generating ideas about uniqueness and multiples, and the impact photography has on seeing.

This investigation of photography’s influence in painting centers particularly on the elements of space and light. My discussion with the viewer is on the association of the hand with the eye. The work reflects on the format of a painting and a photograph juxtaposed together bringing about critical discourse on the interpretive qualities of the surface. The painting demonstrates a highly reflective surface, and the photograph emphasizes the ambient light of my studio.

Other areas include investigations concerning authorship, original versus representation, duplication/repetition and the psychology of binocular vision. These ideas are expressed in such Works as the Stereoseries, stereo multiples, stereo types, stereotype multiples, The Anonymous Wallpaper Series, digital "smears" and various video Works.




*page last updated May 7, 2008